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Smart Top

Available for: Alfa Romeo, Audi, Bently, BMW, Ferrari, Ford, Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Volkswagen. Select your model below.

-Features include one-touch operation of the roof, remote operation of the roof and operation on the go with user programmable max speed (10 - 50 km/h / 5 - 30 mph).

The smartTOP roof control unit allows opening or closing the convertible top while driving at slow speeds. It works similar to power-windows and opens or closes the roof fully automatic at the touch of a button. It is not necessary to stop the vehicle to operate the roof.

Operating the roof control while driving at slow speeds (max. 50km/h / 30mph)

• Safe speed control mechanism automatically locks the roof against unintended operation at higher speeds. 
• A short push of the "open" button opens up the roof completely. 
• A short push of the "close" button closes the roof completely. 
• Removing the ignition key immediately stops the one-touch operation. 
• Pushing either button while the top is moving stops operation immediately. 
Operating the roof using the original key remote

• 3 short taps on the "open" button on the key opens the top completely. 
• 3 short taps on the "close" button on the key closes the top completely. 
• Inserting the key into the ignition lock immediately stops the one-touch operation. 
• Tapping the "open" button 3 times when the top is already open will open all windows.

Diagnose/Workshop mode 
Turning the ignition to position 1 and then pushing and holding the phone "end" button for 3 sec. will activate/deactivate the diagnose mode. If activated, the smartTOP controller is completely passive, as if not installed. Change of mode is indicated by the turn signals (hazard lights). 1x flashing = disabled, 2x flashing = enabled. 
Programming the max speed for top operation 
While driving at the desired new max speed just press and hold the phone "end" button on the steering wheel for 3 sec. This saves the actual speed in the nonvolatile memory.

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